finally getting off my lazy butt and moving personal to a separate blog

scuse the dust (not that anyone’s awake right now)

new standalone replies-enabled personal blog without the hypnotizing background over here

i’m too lazy to move the music player over orz


it’s weird to think about but i realized while i was eating them…

the reason i bought this kind of chicken nuggets was because i missed you.


do my ears deceive me? a diet you say?

but did you know that i am made of concentrated fat and lipids?

nonono for the good of your diet you shouldn’t eat me


but feesh is so delicious i’ll even make an exception for you in my diet, it’s a great honor really! don’t worry about me, an extra 20 miles will make up for it!



don’t you ninja out of this next year o_o+

I hope you had some great food on your birthday ‘cause you’re never going to have me.

P.S this is a consolation picture for you not being able to eat me



you rly didn’t have to uguuu ; uuu; *nibbles on an artistic fin and tries to absorb the powers*

no actually i’m on a diet and barely eat anything all day EVEN ON MY BIRTHDAY now can you let me eet you out of pity pls

Anonymous whispered,

You know, studies are showing that even seeing 'food porn' is enough to get the body to start storing more fat.

grey blob! must you deprive me of all the joys of life? why must you hate me so?! *falls dramatically to the ground*

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#shut up seibu 
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Good guy stan lee.

One of the many reasons Stan Lee is one of the greatest men to walk the earth.

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when i first started using tumblr, every morning i would keep scrolling the dashboard until i reached the last post i saw from the night before

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